Wellville has come to an end. But please check out liz kazyk's solo career at www.lizkazyk.com. Thanks to everyone!!!

Wellville in the studio. We are currently recording our 3rd CD due out Fall 2002. The disc will contain 12 brand new tracks including 'Lies' which was previously recorded but never released.

Dawson's Creek! Liz has made a new deal to license her work to Prime time TV. This time it's the song 'Goodbye' from Wellville's latest CD that will be heard in the first episode of 'Dawson's Creek' which airs Oct. 10th on the WB network. This will be the 7th time Liz's songs have been heard in popular prime time T.V. shows. Previous shows include Party of Five and Grosse Pointe as well as the Hollywood film "Purpose" which will be in theaters early next year.

Rachel's Room! Wellville is proud to be a part of Sony Digital Entertainment's new interactive web venture "Rachel's Room". Its a brand new online series from Executive Producer Paul Stupin and the producers of Dawson's Desktop... Be part of the experience, Explore Rachel's world click here or go straight to the Wellville portion click here!

Breast Cancer Compilation CD! Wellville will be included on the Fore Reel Entertainment's "Its About Eve" Breast Cancer Compilation CD. Wellville is one of 13 acts chosen (out of 1000s) for the CD, which is sponsored by both ASCAP and BMI.

It's a Movie! Wellville's music has been heard six times on three major network prime time TV shows over that last two years and now it's finally made it's way into a Hollywood Film! Liz has just made a deal to license two songs ('Happier Girl' from the 'Happier Girl' CD & 'Little Brat' from the 'Wellville' CD) to a new dramatic comedy staring Mia Farrow and Paul Reiser. The film has already been shot and is in post-production, you might see it out as early as this Fall!

Wellville back in the studio! Wellville is heading back into the studio Friday March 30th, 2001. They will be spending one full day recording the brand new song 'Lies'. Studio time is being provided by Homegrown Studios in Deltona, FL which is frankly one of the best studios in the state, fully equipped with the top of the line 'Pro-Tools' system.

More TV News! Wellville licensed the song "Just A Matter Of Time" to the new hit WB Network show "Grosse Pointe" which aired January 7th (2001). This deal is very exciting for us because its the 1st song off the new CD to be licensed! This is will be the 6th prime time TV licensing deal to date for wellville using a total of 4 different songs.

More of Wellville on TV! The new WB show "Grosse Point" has licensed the song "It Really Doesn't Matter" (written by Liz Larizza, performed by Wellville) off the 'Happier Girl' CD for an upcoming episode airing November 19th, 2000. For those of you keeping score, this will mark the 5th time Wellville has licensed music to prime time TV, and the 3rd song of the 'Happier Girl' disc to be licensed!

Regular rotation!!! Wellville's song "How Does It Feel" will be heard in regular rotation on 104.1FM WTKS starting this Saturday 10-7-2000!

Orlando Music Awards 2000. Wellville has been nominated for "Best Pop Rock Band" by the Orlando Weekly Awards 2000.


When it rains it pours! Wellville will be heard via the song "Happier Girl" on the brand new WB TV show "D.C." -air date May 7th, 2000! This is unbelievable !!!

Big News!! OK, Party of Five has just called AGAIN! They are licensing out our song "This Town" for the April 19th, 2000 episode!! That's three spins of two different songs in one year!

The All Music Guide. We made it to Allmusic.com! Click to see what they said.

"Party of Five" Deja vu! Its happening again! You all probably know that "Happier Girl" was used in last season's "Party of Five" Season Finale................. well, its happening again! The producers of the show have requested rights to use "Happier Girl" again this season in next week's episode. So don't forget to watch (or listen) for Wellville's 2nd national TV debut on "Party of Five" next Tuesday Feb. 1 on FOX35!

FEMMUSIC.com. Check out Liz's interview with FEMMUSIC.com

Billboard Magazine Online! Wellville can now be found on Billboard Magazine's Talent Net Online see it here!!!!

Orlando Music Awards 1999! Wellville has been nominated by the Orlando Music Awards for "Best Pop Band of 1999" as well as "Album of the Year 1999" for the "happier girl" CD. Wellville's new song "If You Let Me Down" will also be included on the OMA compilation CD.

Liz on TV! Some of you may have seen Liz Larizza's Television Debut! She was asked to play on the "Curly Neil Show", a Kids show based here in Orlando. What song did she sing? "Storybook" of course!!

Wellville on FOX! If you haven't heard yet, we licensed "Happier Girl" to the FOX TV show, "Party of Five"! How did it happen? Well, it was pretty simple, we just gave them the producers of the show a CD and they liked it!