Liz Larizza: hi therevocals,guitar Dave Kazyk: hi .hebass hi hi Alyson Gildner: ........drums

Wellville is a vehicle for the songs of lead singer and guitarist Liz Larizza, who's odyssey as a singer/songwriter led her from her Australian homeland to Toronto's coffeehouses and eventually to Orlando, FL where Wellville calls home.


Liz has been extraordinarily successful at selling her songs to network television and Hollywood films. What started as an unbelievable break with the licensing of 'Happier Girl' to FOX's 'Party Of Five' season finale has become a series of unprecedented licensing deals.

The latest involves the song 'Goodbye' which was prominently heard in last fall's season premiere episode of 'Dawson's Creek', on the WB network.

Previous licensing deals were with the FOX network's television drama "Party of Five" (three times), the WB network show "Grosse Pointe" (two times) and the WB network show "D.C." using five different songs in all.

In addition, Liz recently made a deal to license two songs ('Happier Girl' from the 'Happier Girl' CD & 'Little Brat' from the 'Wellville' CD) to a new Hollywood Film distributed by Paramount Pictures titled "Purpose" staring Mia Farrow and Paul Reiser, with a potential soundtrack to follow.

Wellville's music can also be heard on SONY Digital Entertainment's new Web Site venture called 'Rachel's Room'. The interactive site features two songs "This Town" and "It Really Doesn't Matter" and will dramatically increase exposure for Liz and the band.

Even more good exposure will come from Wellville's inclusion on the Fore Reel Entertainment Breast Cancer Compilation. Wellville is one of 13 acts chosen (out of 1000s) for the CD, which is sponsored by ASCAP and BMI.

Wellville has shared the stage with many major acts and have recently extended their touring area and fan base by being invited to play major festivals all over the Southeast.

Their latest CD "Wellville" is a top selling local release (with the sold out "Happier Girl" CD over 3000 units sold!) and is available at independent record stores around Orlando as well as through their web site WWW.Wellville.NF.

Wellville's pop rock sound and intimate song style have garnered the band a fervent following and increasing attention from the music industry that may result in the first recording deal for a female-fronted, Central Florida pop-rock band.